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Pairing BBQ And Cocktails

Everyone loves great barbeque and amazing cocktails, and when you pair them together you get an experience that’s truly special. However, how do you know which BBQ to pair with which cocktails? Well, you’re in luck because the experts here at Telegraph Road BBQ, the top-rated BBQ restaurant in Southfield, MI, have done the research. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the best BBQ and cocktail pairings you can get. Keep scrolling to learn more, and be sure to come in to your local BBQ restaurant to try out your favorite pairings today!

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Pork Pairings

Pork is a favorite food at any BBQ restaurant. Savory smoked ribs are exactly what dreams are made of, keeping enthusiasts coming back to restaurants time and time again. There are songs dedicated to pork ribs, making them the king of BBQ foods. On top of that, pulled pork is one of the most loved foods at restaurants and backyard parties alike. Use pulled pork as a topping for other foods, make it into a sandwich, or eat it by itself. No matter how you enjoy your pork, you’ll always be happy that you got some. Here are some of the best cocktails and drinks to pair with pork BBQ dishes:

  • Whiskey (highball, whiskey sour, John Collins, etc.)

  • Citrusy American pale ales

  • IPAs

  • Rosé

Beef Pairings

Arguably the king of BBQ, beef dishes are a favorite no matter where you go for your BBQ. Brisket is rich and savory, dripping with flavor and amazing taste with every bite you take. Beef brisket is a staple at every BBQ restaurant you go to, with some being much better than others depending on how your local BBQ restaurant prepares their meat. Similar to pork, you can get shredded beef for your sandwich, as a topping, or enjoy it by itself. Here are a few cocktail and drink pairings that you can enjoy with your brisket, shredded beef, or other amazing beef dishes at your local BBQ restaurant:

  • Porters and stouts

  • Bourbon (amaretto sour, old fashioned, hot toddy, etc.)

  • Martinis

  • Scotch on the rocks

Chicken Pairings

While chicken may not be the most popular options at BBQ restaurants, that doesn’t mean that these dishes can’t be amazing. Unlike other meat options, chicken is highly versatile and can be made and paired with many other things. From a whole chicken to individual chicken sausage links, you can find BBQ chicken in many different varieties, some in which you may have never thought possible. Even though it’s a highly versatile dish, here are some of the best cocktail and drink pairings you can enjoy with your delicious chicken dishes here at your local BBQ restaurant:

  • Floral/hoppy IPAs

  • Full bodied red and white wines

  • Gin and tonic

  • Whiskey (mint julep, sazerac, Rob Roy, etc.)

If you’re looking for the best BBQ in Southfield, then Telegraph Road BBQ is the perfect place for you. We have something for everyone here at our local BBQ restaurant. Learn more about our Southfield BBQ restaurant, view our online menu, or contact us to learn more, and be sure to order your next meal online today!