Our Top 5 Fan Favorite Wing Sauces

Our Top 5 Fan Favorite Wing Sauces

Here at Telegraph Road BBQ, we savor flavor. And we love wings. That’s why we cater to folks here in Southfield with a vast selection of wing sauces, ranging from garlic parmesan to mango habanero. Today, we’re highlighting a few fan favorites (and our favorites too), to whet your appetite. What do you think about our list? As always, we’ll be here to cook up your favorite wings. And don’t forget, we cater!



It’s timeless. It’s classic. And it’s our specialty. Our BBQ wings are sweet, hot, spicy, and cooked to perfection. No order is complete without a few BBQ wings. And we don’t aim to boast, but our BBQ wings are all the better from our smokehouse, since we sauce them ourselves with our unbeatable BBQ sauces. Put in an order for our hot or mild BBQ wings, and indulge in that timeless taste.



Another classic, and a consistent go-to for our customers. Buffalo sauce is just the right blend of peppers. Who knew that a bit of cayenne, vinegar, and magic could go the distance to make great chicken even greater? We have to give a nod to this classic choice, and we’ll always add a few buffalo wings to our order for that warm, welcome-home feeling.



Teriyaki is an Eastern twist on Southern buffalo wings. A delicate balance of salt, sugar, and a bit of spice, teriyaki pleases every part of the tongue. Plus, teriyaki has that “umami” flavor, lending wings a deep, savory taste that you won’t find in other sauces. Take on teriyaki if you want a bit of a change in your basket of wings, you’ll love the change-up.


Garlic Parmesan

Had too much heat, but still want a treat? Try garlic parmesan. This fan favorite may be creamy and soothing, yet it’s anything but lacking in flavor. A note of garlic melds with parmesan cheese in a combination that will tantalize your taste buds, while cooling you off (if, for example, you’ve just had our mango habanero wings, or hot BBQ). Enjoy this rich wing sauce alongside one of our spicier wings for a flavor roller coaster that you won’t want to end.


Mango Habanero

Spicy, fruity, sweet, and hot. Our mango habanero is a house favorite for its bold flavor, and spicy finish. If you can handle heat, you have to try our mango habanero wings. The heat will build wing by wing as the tempting mango begs you to try more. Who knew that a pepper, a fruit, and chicken could create such a balanced flavor?

Try ‘Em All Today

If you’re aching for chicken wings, we’re certain you’ll love our favorites. Stop by for a few baskets with friends, and try out every flavor. We’re certain you’ll discover your own favorite. Plus, beyond our list we offer all of the following: cajun, Caribbean jerk, chipotle lime, Jamaican jerk, Korean BBQ, lemon pepper, Louisiana bourbon, sriracha, and sweet red chili. So you’re sure to find a favorite here at Telegraph Road BBQ. We’ll see you soon!